Who is Kayden Montoya?

Kayden was born in New Orleans and raised in New Mexico and Colorado by his dad and family after his mother passed away at a young age. Through the years, Kayden found comfort and refuge  through sports. "Just give me a ball,"  he'd always say.  He went on to play collegiate football at Metropolitan State University of Denver. After college, he moved back to New Mexico and opened his own business at 21 years old.

On November 21st, 2018, Kayden and his cousin Jakob were involved in a motor vehicle accident involving an irresponsible driver in the other vehicle and both young men passed away that night. The tragedy struck their families and friends dramatically and left many devastated. Kayden had the ability to light up a room with his smile and energy alone. He was a young man who left a tremendous impact on this world for the short amount of time he was here. Kayden Montoya was a son, a support system, a father figure, a manager, a friend and like a brother to many.

He  is missed, but his legacy will forever live on.

Why a Sports Event?


One thing that Kayden shined in was sports. Similar to many athletes, through them he was able to gain leadership skills, patience, adaptability, respect, strength and so much more. Most of all, he learned to become a young man who led by serving others. 

The people who are closest to Kayden believe that if he were still here today, he would continue living his life to help others grow and succeed. Therefore, we have decided to put together an annual basketball tournament in his name to keep that mission alive. This event isn't just for Kayden. This event is for his family, his friends, and moreover the extensive community he reached. The 1st Annual Kayden Montoya 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament welcomes athletes of all skill levels from youth to the elite. We hope to see you here for a weekend of fun and fierce competition!

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